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culture and core values

Every business has an underlying culture, whether it's positive, indifferent, or toxic. It may or may not be acknowledged, but it's always there.

At Flycatcher, we are intentional about cultivating a positive work culture for our people.

We want to stand out in the aesthetics industry. We have no interest in looking like every other medspa in Austin.

We want to work with people who appreciate and embrace these differences. We want to work with people who share our mission to help men and who take pride in hearing, "Oh, wow, you work at Flycatcher?".

This culture is how we will attract and retain the best people. And it begins with our core values.

Core values aren't something we just hang on the wall. We have to live and breathe them. These are part of a deeply ingrained code that drives every process in our business from recruiting and employee retention to how we treat and care for our clients.

Core Value #1: Client care and safety above all

We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to the safety and welfare of our client’s health.


We cannot overlook the "med" in medspa. After all, it's shorthand for "medical", which carries with it ethical and legal obligations, starting with prioritizing safety for patients and providers alike.

We expect our providers to have a passion for aesthetics but their practice needs to be supported by proper safety protocols and training.


Core Value #2: Compliance is essential

We strive for excellence, and compliance is not an afterthought when meeting standards and requirements for operating a medical facility.


Flycatcher is considered a medical facility and is held to compliance standards set forth by the Texas Medical Board and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). Ownership, management, and all team members are expected to abide by these standards at all times.


Core Value #3: Customer experience is personal

We treat our clients like family, educating them and creating accessible and comfortable experiences.


The treatments we provide will be a new experience for many of our male clients. We will counsel and deliver service with empathy and patience as if your father or brother was our client.


Core Value #4: Count on me

We are accountable to one another, leaning into responsibility and doing what it takes to offer our clients the highest quality of experience.


"That's not my job," is not a phrase in our vocabulary. No task is below any of us. We all contribute to the success of Flycatcher and to the satisfaction of our clients.


Core Value #5: Growth is a mindset

Our passion drives us to succeed, and every opportunity is a chance to learn more, to get better.


We approach each day enthusiastically, as an opportunity for continual personal growth. Staying current with technology and industry trends is a priority, not a burden.

Flycatcher supports this mindset by investing in employee education and training.


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