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Everything Austin Men Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal (Including Down THERE!)

If you've ever found yourself admiring Matthew McConaughey's smooth hairless chest (no judgment from us!) and daydreaming of a hair-free carefree life of your own, then laser hair removal may be just the solution for you.

With laser hair removal you can achieve a silky smooth chest that will have you feeling like a Hollywood heartthrob- without spending hours shaving or waxing. Or, maybe you're intrigued about achieving a smooth and hairless look in a certain area only your intimate partner can appreciate.

But before you book your appointment, it's important to understand how the process works and what to expect.

We've got you covered with our comprehensive guide into the world of laser hair removal for men in Austin, TX.

Let's dive in, Playboy!

Understanding Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a highly popular solution for men who want to achieve a smooth and hairless look without the hassle of traditional hair removal methods. But how exactly does it work?

The concentrated beam of light used in laser hair removal is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, which then converts the light energy into heat. This heat is directed towards the hair follicle, damaging it and inhibiting future hair growth.

The process of laser hair removal is precise and targeted, meaning that only the hair follicle is affected while the surrounding skin is left unharmed. The effectiveness of laser hair removal is dependent on several factors, including the color and thickness of the hair as well as the skin tone of the individual (more on this below). However, with the right equipment and trained professionals, laser hair removal can provide long-lasting and even permanent results.

The process is quick and relatively painless, with most men experiencing only mild discomfort during the treatment.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser hair removal has become increasingly popular among men in Austin and for good reason. Not only does it provide a more permanent solution to unwanted hair, but it also saves time and money in the long run. With the cost of living skyrocketing in Central Texas, who doesn't want to save some money?

Traditional hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing, and electrolysis can be time-consuming, painful, and often result in ingrown hairs or razor burn. With laser hair removal, men can achieve a smooth and hairless look without the hassle and discomfort of these methods.

Another reason why laser hair removal is a popular choice among men in Austin is its effectiveness on different skin types and hair colors. With advancements in technology, laser hair removal can now safely and effectively treat a wide range of skin tones and hair colors. This means that men with different hair and skin types can achieve the same smooth and hairless look.

Furthermore, laser hair removal is a discreet treatment that can be done in a private clinic setting, making it a popular choice for men who value their privacy. Flycatcher was designed specifically with men in mind. Our Old Hollywood aesthetic will put you at ease and make you feel like the boss we all know you are.

Overall, laser hair removal has become a popular choice for men due to its effectiveness, convenience, and versatility. It provides a long-lasting solution to unwanted hair, saves time and money, and can be done in a private and discreet setting.

The Best Laser Hair Removal Clinics in Austin, TX

There is no shortage of practices offering laser hair removal in central Texas. This popular treatment is offered at medspas (like Flycatcher) as well as at plastic surgery clinics, dermatologists, and even specialized laser hair removal clinics where this is all they do.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Laser Hair Removal Clinic

When looking for clinics in and around Austin, TX that offer laser hair removal, men should consider several factors to find the right one for their unique needs and budget.

Flycatcher may be the perfect option for you, but for others, we may not be.

Here is our unabashedly biased advice:

1. Choose a reputable clinic with licensed laser hair removal technicians and proper medical oversight. Safety first, gentleman.

The clinic should be a licensed "laser hair removal facility" according to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). 

A clinic should also have a laser safety officer (LSO) on staff as well as a supervising physician. Don't be afraid to ask about staff credentials and safety protocols.

Be sure your first appointment will include a consultation and good faith exam to evaluate your skin type, other conditions you may have, and to discuss your goals. In other words, you need to know if you're an ideal client before you have a laser pointing at you.

2. Prioritize comfort over price. 

Would you rather sit down for a satisfying hamburger at HopDoddy or grab n' go from a McDonalds drivethrough? Either way you're getting a burger. It's just a different experience.

Many laser hair removal practices are "built on volume". They get you in and out as quick as possible. Experience and comfort is an afterthought. This is how they keep their prices so low.

At Flycatcher, our clients prioritize comfort and discretion. We've designed our entire experience with men in mind. Our technicians will take their time with you. This costs a little more, of course, but if you value the overall experience more than a small price difference then we are a good fit for you.

If you love getting the best deals possible from Groupon and other discounters and don't mind jumping from one laser hair removal clinic to another, then Flycatcher won't be a good fit for you. We want to help you long-term. 

3. Always ask about the technology being used.

Not all laser hair removal devices can effectively treat all skin tones and hair types. Be sure to inquire about this before scheduling treatment.

Our technicians utilize the LightSheer QUATTRO from Lumenis in our practice. This can treat the full range of skin types, with settings carefully calibrated to the patient's Fitzpatrick score to minimize the risk of side effects and achieve the desired results.

Here are a few other considerations that may be relevant to you:

  • Does the clinic have laser hair removal technicians who are bilingual and speak Spanish?
  • Does the clinic have membership options available? Monthly subscriptions for laser hair removal can sometimes be more affordable.
  • How near is the clinic to where you live and work? What are their hours? Keep in mind, you will require multiple visits and treatments. 

By choosing the right clinic, men can enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal (i.e.- hairless paddleboarding), including a long-lasting solution to unwanted hair, saving time and money.

Laser Hair Removal for Different Body Parts

How hairless you want to be is up to you. No judgment from us!

Some of the most popular treatment areas for men are the chest, back, and shoulders. The "Manzilian" (i.e.- your private parts) remains an intriguing and popular option for many men. Laser facial hair removal has also become popular (because who has time to waste shaving their face nowadays?).

Let's explore laser hair removal options for different areas of the body.

Laser Hair Removal for the Chest and Back

Gone are the days when a hairy chest and back were considered manly. Waxing hurts like hell and your partner is tired of shaving your back for you. Opt for the sophisticated yet hassle-free look that comes with laser hair removal.

The investment will be greater for these larger areas of the body simply because more time is required per treatment. A session for these areas can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes and multiple sessions spaced six weeks apart will be required for optimal results. Add cost range compared to other areas?

Say goodbye to the caveman look and hello to a sleek and polished appearance with laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal for the Face and Neck

With laser hair removal you can achieve a well-groomed look without the fear of cuts, nicks, or razor burn. And say goodbye to those ingrown hairs on your neck!

Whether you're rocking a full beard or prefer a clean-shaven look, laser hair removal can help you achieve the precise look you desire for your facial hair.

With its long-lasting results, you'll have more time to do the things you love. Treatments will be spaced four weeks apart and will only take 10 to 15 minutes, saving you valuable time compared to shaving.

Laser Hair Removal for Men's Privates

Now let's talk about the elephant in the room, or should we say, the "mouse in the house." That's right, we're talking about laser hair removal for men's private parts.

While it may seem like a daunting and uncomfortable experience, many men are opting for this solution to achieve a sleek and clean look down there. Just imagine, no more razor burn, ingrown hairs, or awkward positions in the shower.

And let's be real, who doesn't want to impress their partner with a smooth and silky surprise?

The entire area can be treated, from your penis and scrotum to your buttocks. Treatments spaced six weeks apart will only take 15 to 30 minutes, will be relatively pain-free, and cause you no downtime. You'll walk out of here feeling like a rock star ready to conquer the world.

So, gentlemen, don't be shy and consider adding this to your grooming routine. Just make sure to do your research and choose a reputable clinic, because the last thing you want is a laser mishap in this sensitive area.

Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

Your success with laser hair removal will take real commitment, and that includes pre-treatment and post-treatment care. You must follow these protocols to ensure that your laser hair removal treatments are as effective and safe as possible.

Pre-Treatment Tips for Men

Reducing your exposure to direct sunlight for two weeks leading up to treatment is crucial before undergoing laser hair removal. This means avoiding tanning beds, sunbathing, and any other activities that will expose your treatment area to the sun's harmful UV rays.

Two weeks prior to your treatment, it's essential to wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every day, even if you plan to spend just a few minutes outside. A hat or other protective clothing that covers your face and neck is also highly recommended if you are treating your facial hair.

Discontinue tweezing, waxing, or any other hair removal method that involves pulling out the hair from the root at least four to six weeks prior to your laser hair removal treatment. These methods can disturb the hair follicle, making it difficult for the laser to effectively target the hair.

It is equally important that you shave the treated area immediately prior to your treatment. Our laser technicians do not shave our clients. If you have not shaved you cannot receive treatment, unfortunately. For some areas in which you'll need assistance – like your back and shoulders – you'll need to plan properly.

Also, be sure to clean your skin thoroughly before your appointment. This will remove any dirt or oil that may be on your skin, allowing the laser to penetrate more effectively. No cologne, please.

It's also important to avoid using any skincare products that contain harsh chemicals, such as retinoids or alpha-hydroxy acids, for at least a week before your treatment. These products can make your skin more sensitive to the laser, increasing the risk of side effects.

Post-Treatment Care

While you will feel like a badass post-treatment, just understand that your treated area is especially vulnerable during the next two weeks. You must take precautions.

It's important to continue protecting yourself from the sun by using sunscreen and covering the treated areas if possible. This will minimize the risk of side effects.

For the first 48 hours post-treatment, absolutely avoid swimming pools. You will also want to avoid saunas and strenuous activity that promotes sweating. So give the gym a break for a couple of days, boys.

It's recommended that you exfoliate the treated area after three to five days post-treatment. Exfoliation can help reduce potential ingrown hairs.

Because of these strict protocols for pre- and post-treatment care, your laser hair removal can take significant planning. Many of our Central Texas clients will skip treatment during summer months if they plan to be active and, especially, on the water in full sun. You may want to consider the same if it is difficult for you to avoid the hot summer sun in Austin.

Common Questions About Laser Hair Removal for Men

Let's dig into some specific questions we often hear from men. Understandably, many men are concerned with the risks and safety of laser hair removal.

Can Laser Hair Removal cause cancer?

When it comes to the safety of laser hair removal for men, one common question is whether it can cause cancer. The short answer is no. According to the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, there is no evidence that laser hair removal causes cancer or any other long-term health problems.

However, as with any medical procedure, there are potential side effects and risks to consider. That's why it's important to choose a reputable clinic with trained professionals who use the latest technology and follow strict safety protocols. By doing so, you can enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal without worrying about any health concerns.

Can laser hair removal affect male fertility?

Studies have shown that laser hair removal does not affect male fertility. The laser energy used for hair removal is targeted to the hair follicle and does not penetrate deep enough into the skin to affect reproductive organs or sperm production.

Nevertheless, it's always important to choose a reputable clinic with experienced professionals who can answer any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure. With proper pre- and post-treatment care, laser hair removal can be a safe and effective solution for achieving the smooth and hairless look you desire.

Can I get Laser Hair Removal Over a Tattoo?

No, you cannot get laser hair removal treatment over a tattoo.

Before we begin any laser hair removal session, we will carefully cover your tattoo with a protective barrier. This barrier will shield your tattoo from the laser energy, ensuring that no damage or fading occurs. Our technicians are trained to stay at least 1/2" to 1" away from your tattoo, maintaining a safe distance to avoid any potential risks.

Does laser hair removal change skin color?

Some minor side effects can occur, such as temporary redness in the treated area. This is usually mild and will resolve within a few hours.

According to the Mayo Clinic, pigment changes are a potential risk. Laser hair removal might darken (hyperpigmentation) or lighten the affected skin. These changes might be temporary or permanent. Skin lightening (hypopigmentation) primarily affects those who don't avoid sun exposure before or after treatment and those who have darker skin.

Again, with proper care before and, especially, after treatment, laser hair removal can be a safe and effective solution for you.

Is laser hair removal safe for dark skin?

Darker skin tones can be more prone to side effects or even inconsistent results. This is because the higher melanin content can absorb too much of the laser's energy. You can read a much more detailed discussion on this topic here.

For individuals with darker skin tones, it is important to seek out a laser hair removal device that is specifically designed for darker skin tones and to work with a provider who is experienced in treating dark skin.
Our technicians utilize the LightSheer QUATTRO from Lumenis in our practice. This laser workstation can treat the full range of skin types, with settings carefully calibrated to the patient's Fitzpatrick score to minimize the risk of side effects and achieve the desired results.
While it may take more sessions to achieve the desired level of hair reduction compared to individuals with lighter skin tones, laser hair removal can still be an effective and long-lasting solution for individuals with dark skin tones.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Now, let's address the question on every man's mind: does laser hair removal hurt? The answer is no, not really. The latest technology in laser hair removal machines, like the LightSheer QUATTRO, use a cooling system to numb the skin during treatment. This reduces discomfort you may feel during the process, which is often described as a slight pinch or snap.

Plus, the sessions are relatively short, so any discomfort is over quickly. Don't let fear of pain hold you back from achieving the polished look you desire.

Is laser hair removal permanent? How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Laser hair removal can be a permanent solution but it will take multiple treatments. Laser hair "reduction" is really the more accurate term. This is not a one-and-done solution. You must be invested in the process in order to achieve the best results.

Men typically need at least six sessions and it is not uncommon to need up to 10 or more sessions. Darker skin tones can require even more treatments.

Each session will be scheduled at a minimum of four weeks apart. Most areas of the body, such as the torso, are treated on a six-week frequency while arms and legs are treated every eight weeks. Considering this frequency, six to 10 months can be required to achieve your hair reduction goals, if not more.

Depending on your individual hair growth patterns and hormone levels, you may require maintenance treatments to keep your body hair-free over time. An annual touch-up session is typically recommended to ensure that any new hair growth is effectively treated, and to maintain the smooth, hair-free look you desire.

Don't worry though, these maintenance sessions are typically quick and easy, requiring only a few minutes of your time. Plus, they're well worth the effort to maintain the confidence and freedom that comes with laser hair removal.

How much does laser hair removal cost in Austin?

Now that we've covered the ins and outs of laser hair removal for men, you may be wondering about the cost.

In Austin, TX, the price for laser hair removal can vary depending on the treatment area and the number of sessions required. For example, addressing just the cheek areas and neckline could cost anywhere from $150 to $300 per session, while a full shoulder and back treatment could cost upwards of $200 to $400 per session.

At Flycatcher you can purchase an individual treatment or a series of treatments. New clients only pay $75 for their first treatment, regardless of area. To treat your chest and shoulders as an example, you could then purchase an individual follow-up treatment for $200 or a series of six discounted treatments for $900.

Use our handy pricing calculator here.

It's important to keep in mind that laser hair removal is an investment in yourself and your confidence, and the results can be life-changing.


If you've been daydreaming of a hair-free carefree life, then laser hair removal may be just the solution for you.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you. 

Located in Spicewood, Texas, Flycatcher is located just three miles west of The Galleria in Bee Cave, we proudly serve Spicewood, Bee Cave, Lakeway, and the surrounding areas of Austin and the Texas Hill Country.

Our Laser Hair Removal Professionals will be happy to meet with you one-on-one to assess if you are a good candidate for laser hair removal. Reach us at (737) 239-0112 or request a consultation here.

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