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Your Guide to Laser Hair Removal Providers in Lakeway and Bee Cave, TX

Howdy neighbor.

Since you're here, I'm going to assume you know a bit about laser hair removal and are probably looking for a professional provider in your neck of the woods. Or, more like hills and lakes, I suppose.

If that's the case, read on and I'll try to enlighten you about the laser hair removal options available to men whether you're in Bee Cave, Lakeway, or even Spicewood.

I hope you choose Flycatcher, of course, but there are many great options in our area. The provider you choose really should depend on what is most important to you. So let's start there.

LASER HAIR REMOVAL Providers In Lakeway, Bee Cave, and Spicewood, TX

Whether you're looking for a medspa like Flycatcher, a plastic surgery clinic, a dermatologist, or a specialized laser hair removal practice, you're bound to find what you're looking for in the surrounding hills of Lake Travis.


When looking for laser hair removal in Lakeway, Bee Cave, Spicewood, or even further afar, men should consider several factors in order to find a provider that aligns with their individual needs and preferences.

While Flycatcher may be the ideal choice for some, we understand that we may not be the perfect fit for everyone. 

Here is our unabashedly biased advice:

1. Choose a reputable clinic with licensed laser hair removal technicians and proper medical oversight.

Safety first, gentleman. Always. Whomever you choose should be licensed through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. 

They should also have a laser safety officer (LSO) on staff as well as a supervising physician. Don't be afraid to ask about staff credentials and safety protocols.

Aurora Escalante is Flycatcher's licensed Laser Hair Removal Professional and Laser Safety Officer. Our supervising physician is Dr. Ari Esmaili.

Flycatcher's laser hair removal providers

2. Prioritize comfort over price.

Would you rather sit down for a satisfying burger and lake view at Sun Dancer Grill or grab n' go from a McDonalds drive-through? Either way, you're getting a burger- it's just a different experience.

Many laser hair removal practices are all about "volume". They get you in and out as quickly as possible. Experience and comfort are an afterthought.

At Flycatcher, our clients prioritize comfort and discretion. We've designed our entire space and experience with men in mind.

3. Choose a provider near you.
Laser hair removal is a commitment that will require multiple treatments. Some men will require six treatments but it is not unusual to need ten or more for the best results. And, annual "maintenance" treatments can sometimes be required.

Because of this, make sure the clinic you choose is near where you live and work. You don't want to go out of your way to make your appointments (which will be scheduled six weeks apart typically).

And, make sure the clinic/provider has hours that are convenient for your busy schedule.

Flycatcher is located on Highway 71 three miles west of The Galleria on the border of Spicewood and Bee Cave and just three miles south of Lakeway.

Map of laser hair removal providers in Lakeway, Spicewood, Bee Cave, TX

Local laser hair removal providers

As I mentioned I hope you choose Flycatcher, but if not, there are numerous professional laser hair removal providers stretching from Westlake and Bee Cave to Lakeway and Spicewood. 


There are many options for laser hair removal in Lakeway. I'll highlight four:

  • L-Aesthetics and Longevity (also with a location in Bee Cave)
  • Face Forward
  • AUSTEX Wellness and Medspa
  • Wink Medical Aesthetics

Each has a great reputation backed up by dozens and dozens of five-star Google reviews. All offer laser hair removal in Lakeway along with a full menu of other aesthetic treatments.

Bee Cave

There are two really good options for laser hair removal in Bee Cave. Austin Laser Solutions (in The Galleria) has over 200 five-star Google reviews: Their clients obviously love them. 

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center started in, you guessed it, not Austin. They are relatively new to central Texas with this Bee Cave location. They have a stellar reputation though. 

If "local" is important to you then Austin Laser Solutions would be a great choice. Same for Flycatcher, especially if you're a man who wants to be treated in a space designed specifically for men.


Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options for laser hair removal providers in Spicewood. You can either head east on Highway 71 towards Lakeway and Bee Cave or venture west up to Marble Falls and Horseshoe Bay where you'll find surgery and dermatology clinics Vitalogy Skincare and Westlake Dermatology.

Both of these options have fantastic reputations (and hundreds of positive reviews!), multiple locations, and offer every service under the hot Texas sun.

That said, if you are a man who wants a more laid-back, boutique-type setting and experience with a little less "medical vibe", then I'd suggest Flycatcher or one of the smaller medspas listed above in Lakeway or Bee Cave who offer laser hair removal.

So what makes Flycatcher unique from the rest? Simple: We've created a space and experience specifically for men. If that appeals to you, give us a try.


Men's laser hair removal client in Bee Cave, TX

Pricing Considerations and what you can expect

All the laser hair removal providers in and around Lakeway and Bee Cave are going to have a similar range in pricing. The differences shouldn't be so dramatic that price should be the number one deciding factor in who you choose.

Most will provide pricing for individual treatments based on the size of the treatment area. For example, really small areas like unibrows or the top of feet can range from $50/treatment to closer to $100/treatment. Medium-size areas like a man's brazillian can cost between $100 and $200/treatment while larger areas like a back and shoulder combo can cost $300 or more per treatment.

Flycatcher charges $150 for small areas, $200 for medium areas, and $300 for large areas. If you have a really small area you want to be lasered – or an extra-large area (ex- chest, back, and shoulders) – we'll work with you on the pricing.

You'll get the best pricing when you purchase a package of treatments. Most providers in Lakeway and Bee Cave offer this. A common example would be, "Purchase a package of six treatments for the price of five". You're getting a nice discount for purchasing up-front. You'll need all of these treatments for the best results anyway.

Our pricing for multiple treatments is similar to this. You can see our pricing and use our handy calculator here. We try to keep our pricing pretty straightforward.

Many providers offer monthly memberships for laser hair removal. Or it can be rolled into a comprehensive membership plan with other treatments. This can be a great option. Just keep in mind, if you're an active man in the summer, constantly outside and around the lake, you may want to put your laser hair removal treatments on hold during these months. Our Texas sun is not kind to your treatments. Be sure you're able to put your memberships on pause if need be.

Flycatcher only charges $75 for a client's first treatment because we know a lot of men aren't ready to jump into a membership or package of multiple treatments. We want you to experience what laser hair removal is like before you make a commitment. You can take advantage of this offer on one large area, like your back, or a couple of small areas like your feet and beard/neckline.

If you are in the Lakeway and Bee Cave area – or even Spicewood – we would love for you to visit Flycatcher and take advantage of our $75 "first-time" offer. You can learn more about that here. If you want more comprehensive information about laser hair removal for men, check out our in-depth guide.

We hope to see you soon, neighbor!

Chris Heiler, Chief Flycatcher

Chris Heiler, Chief Flycatcher, at Poodies in Spicewood, TX


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