Flycatcher providers Ari Esmaili and Aurora Escalante

Flycatcher's Peace-of-mind promise

Male aesthetic clients are different in many ways compared to their female counterparts. This requires understanding, empathy, and providing service in a way men will find most comfortable.

This is why we've developed our Peace-of-Mind Promise for our clientele.

1. We will offer only the most proven and effective aesthetic treatments and products for men.

Let's face it: There's a shiny new medical device and miracle anti-aging treatment being pushed on Instagram every other day. 

Don't get me wrong, one reason the aesthetics industry is an exciting space to work in is because of the many innovative and groundbreaking devices and techniques being introduced. However, that doesn't mean we should offer them all.

Men want to spend their money on what works, not because it's shiny and new and being talked about on social media. The only way to build trust and long-term credibility with our clients is by offering proven and effective aesthetic treatments that work for most men. This will bring them back for repeat treatments.

If they choose Flycatcher, one reason is that they know what we offer is going to work.

2. We will always aim to maintain your natural look.

We know that men want to maintain a masculine yet natural look that avoids the obvious indicator that they got work done in the first place. Men don't necessarily want to look more attractive- they want to look less stressed and more rested.

Our job is to help our clients be the best versions of themselves, no matter their age.

3. We will keep potential discomfort during treatments to a minimum.

Men don't have the same pain threshold as women. This is a big concern for men when seeking aesthetic treatments (along with downtime). 

Because of this, providers need to first acknowledge the concern and then provide treatments that minimize the pain and discomfort.

4. We will never rush you through your visit.

Flycatcher's business model is not based on volume and how quickly we can get customers in and out the door. This isn't McDonalds. 

Men want to be educated and want to understand what is being recommended and, more importantly, why.

It's not only our job to treat the client, it is our responsibility to educate them as well. You are a provider and a teacher.

We will give our clients the time they need to feel comfortable about their decision to seek treatment and the time to be satisfactorily informed.

5. We will never make assumptions about what you know or don’t know.

What we offer – and what you know as an aesthetics professional – is entirely new for many men. Men don't have the same intuitive understanding of the health and beauty industry as women. It's not common for men to have conversations about aesthetics with their friends, as women do.

Through educating our clients, we have an opportunity to differentiate ourselves from other medspas who tend to treat men as an afterthought. 

6. We will provide a space that will help you feel at ease.

You've been to medspas, you've worked at medspas: You know what I'm referring to when I say men are an afterthought. The decor and experience is catered to women. That's fine for those medspas. We differentiate ourselves by providing a space and experience that puts our male clients at ease.

7. We will provide you with simple and straightforward pricing.

Men like things direct and uncomplicated. They don't need 10 options for skin care products or multiple "monthly sales" to make a buying decision. Men tend to be less price-conscious and transaction focused. A keep-it-simple-stupid (KISS) approach to pricing and sales is most effective when dealing with male clientele.


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